Dweebies 10th Anniversary Edition

Coming to Kickstarter late 2020.

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About Dweebies

Dweebies is a fast and fun family card game, originally published by Gamewright in 2010.

2-6 Players

Ages 8+

About 15 minutes play time

Dweebies has cute and whimsical artwork by Christopher Lee.

The game play is simple for kids to enjoy, and has just enough strategy hidden beneath the surface to engage players of all ages.

Dweebies won Australian Game of the Year in 2010, an Oppenheim Gold Award, and numerous other awards.

Reviews of the original

"I still consider it one of the best kids games ever" David Harding of Grail Games

"If you have younger children, this game is one that will absolutely delight them" Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower

Dweebies is now out of print, so Goanna Games is bringing this classic back to life.

Anniversary Edition Extras

The 10th Anniversary Edition preserves the game play that made the original well loved.

Most importantly, the original characters all make an appearance in this version, now joined by some new friends ...

New Characters

New characters will be joining the Dweebies family.

This includes one character created by Christopher Lee, the original artist.

New Rule Twist

The new edition will come with one small rule variation to try.

But don't worry, you can still play the classic rules too.

New Box

A redesigned box, to fit with the 10th anniversary celebration.

About Goanna Games

Goanna Games is a boutique game publisher based in Sydney, Australia.

Tim Roediger runs Goanna Games and has been involved in the board game industry for the past 15 years, primarily as a game designer, but also in the production and manufacture of games.

Dweebies 10th Anniversary Edition will be the first game published by Goanna Games.